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Whatever your discipline—Math, Biology, English, Music, and more—you and your students can benefit from an international perspective.  One way for your students to gain that perspective is to study abroad! While students will no doubt flourish at EIU, whatever their academic focus, study abroad will do even more by exposing them to a new environment, and a new view of themselves, their homes, and their future (both academic and professional).

There are many roles that you, as faculty, play in the study abroad process.  Whether you’re an academic advisor helping a student with their academic plan, a department chair approving study abroad courses, or a program leader developing a faculty-led experience for your students, you are integral to what we do in the Office of Study Abroad, and are collaborators with us in all of these endeavors.

To the left is a list of links that will provide more information on how you can get involved, including the link to the Faculty-Led Program Proposal.  If you can’t find the answer to something, please contact us.