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The Study Abroad Process

Pre-departure Checklist 

____ Review this checklist in its entirety.
____ Schedule an advising appointment with a Study Abroad Advisor by emailing
____ Explore available study abroad program options at 
____ Schedule an appointment with your Academic Advisor to discuss your study abroad plans. 
____ Choose your top 2 study abroad programs (one as a back-up).
____ Submit an online application through the Office of Study Abroad (OSA) by 11:59PM on the appropriate deadline.
____ Complete your host school application process and adhere to their deadlines, as well as EIU's study abroad deadlines. 
____ Research study abroad scholarship, grant, and tuition waiver opportunities through the Office of Study Abroad, the Pine Honors College, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the Lumpkin College of Business and Technology, and other EIU departments.
____  Upon admission to your program, complete your online post-decision application questionnaires & upload your completed forms and materials to your study abroad application. 
____  Pay your study abroad commitment deposit by the appropriate deadline to secure your spot.
____  Check your EIU email regularly and maintain communication with the OSA.
____  Ensure your cell phone number is listed in your PAWS account so the OSA can contact you.
____  Apply for grants and scholarships by the appropriate deadline and starting saving your money
____  Apply for a passport at least 3 months before departure. 
____  Verify visa requirements for your host country through the appropriate consulate or embassy and ensure that you obtain the proper entry visa, if applicable.  
____  Meet with the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships to discuss using your financial aid package for study abroad.
____  Submit a signed Study Abroad Budget Worksheet and Agreement to the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships with accompanying program cost & budget information. (Signed by a Study Abroad Advisor).
____  Verify immunization requirements/recommendations for your host country through your doctor and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.
____  Obtain course pre-approval from your Academic Advisor and the appropriate Department Chair to take your study abroad courses for EIU credit. Submit a signed Course Approval Form to the Office of Study Abroad. (Signed by you, your academic advisor, and the appropriate department chair).
____  Enroll in courses through your host school.
____  Attend pre-departure meetings with your faculty leader (if applicable).
____  Attend pre-departure orientation with the Office of Study Abroad.


____  Check in to your housing.
____  Attend on-site orientation at your host school.‚Äč
____  Pay any bills owed to your host school or provider according to their deadlines
____  Complete all required coursework.
____  Request that your official transcripts are sent to the Office of Study Abroad.


____  Enroll in the Study Abroad Capstone STA 4000G for 1 credit hour to fulfill your senior seminar requirement (applies to non-honors students). 
____  Update your resume to reflect your international education experience.
____  Complete a program evaluation. 
____  Get involved- Study Abroad Society, alumni and ambassadors associations through providers, study abroad fairs, Study Abroad Ambassador service hours. 
____  Spread the word- talk with your classmates, friends, and family about your experience. 
____  Keep in touch with the friends you made in your host country, including your host family.

Updated 09/22/19