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Non-EIU Guest Students

Eastern Illinois University recognizes the importance of giving students a global perspective of the world around them. EIU, through the William V. Weber Program in Study Abroad, strives to put students at the center of experiences around the world. As a non-EIU student, the William V. Weber Program in Study Abroad offers you the opportunity to participate in our institution's study abroad programs during your academic career. Be part of a life-changing international education experience which promises to expand your horizons and infinitely change your perspective of the cultures around you.

The following criteria must be met in order to be considered a Guest Student on an EIU study abroad program:
      1. Currently enrolled undergraduate student at a regionally accredited U.S. college or university
      2. In good academic, disciplinary, and financial standing with your home school

To begin the process of applying to an EIU study abroad program as a Guest Student, please complete the following steps:

1. Apply through EIU's Office of Admissions as a Guest Student. Review the Office of Admissions' Guest Student Application process here
       a. On the Guest Student Application Form, please write 'Study Abroad' in the 'Applying for/Year' section. 
             Example: Applying for Year: 2020 Study Abroad

2. Upon admission to EIU as a Guest Student, email a copy of your official letter of admission to the William V. Weber Program in Study Abroad at
       a. At this point in the process, please contact the William V. Weber Program in Study Abroad to schedule an advising appointment. If you are local, this appointment should be face-to-face. If you are not local, we will schedule an advising session over FaceTime or Skype.

3. Apply as a Guest Student to your study abroad program of choice on EIU's Study Abroad website at
       a. Login to this site with your home school email address (not your new EIU net ID or E#). 
       b. Indicate your home institution in your study abroad profile/application.
       c. Print off, sign, and mail the Signature Verification Form with accompanying color copy of a photo ID to the William V. Weber Program in Study Abroad.
       d. Submit your complete application by 11:59PM CST on the day of the posted deadline
4. Upon admission to an EIU Study Abroad Program, pay a non-refundable commitment deposit by the posted deadline

5. If applying to study abroad at one of EIU's partner universities or through one of our third party providers, you are subject to the partner school's study abroad application process, deadlines and fees, as well as EIU's. Be sure to directly consult the host school/provider's website for information about their application deadlines & requirements. Most partner school's have designated study abroad advisors to assist incoming students with their application process.

6. Review the EIU Study Abroad Checklist for detailed, step-by-step instructions about this process. Some checklist items are not applicable to Guest Students. 

Contact the William V. Weber Program in Study Abroad at for more information about participating in EIU Study Abroad Programs as a Guest Student.