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Faculty-Led Proposals

Faculty-Led Proposals

This page contains general information about how to propose/renew a faculty-led study abroad program, and links to the online proposal form.

Getting Started

Faculty from all departments are encouraged to propose new faculty-led study abroad programs.  These programs, usually lasting from 1 to 4 weeks in length (although not limited to those lengths) are supported by the Office of Study Abroad, as well as the individual instructor's home department, and offer an international view of your discipline to your students.  Programs can be offered during the Summer, Spring Break, or Winter Break, and are a popular program option for EIU students.

Policies and Procedures

Please review Internal Governing Policies 46.1 Credit Hour Policy and 56 Study Abroad as you plan your course and program.  Faculty led program proposals are accepted each year during spring semester for the following academic year (i.e. in spring 2019, we will be approving programs for spring break and summer 2020).  This is to provide enough time to thoroughly promote and recruit the required number of students for the program to run.  All programs are budgeted to be self-supporting.

Program proposals are reviewed and approved by the Study Abroad Committee of the International Education Council.  Programs are approved for three years, and then must be renewed.

Programs may include courses taught by the faculty member proposing the program, and/or courses taught by a partner institution abroad.  Program leaders who teach are compensated for their teaching, as well as having all of their expenses covered.  Program leaders who do not teach their own course only have their expenses covered.

Proposals for New Programs

Calendar Year 2020 (summer and spring break) proposals (for new courses/programs) due: Friday, April 5, 2019


If it's a new program, yes! Most approved proposals are granted a 3-year-approval cycle. A few programs have been granted department-led (ongoing) status.