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Faculty-Led Proposals

This page contains general information about how to propose/renew a faculty-led study abroad program. 

Getting Started

Faculty from all departments are encouraged to propose new faculty-led study abroad programs. Typically 1 to 4 weeks in length, these programs are supported by the Office of Study Abroad, as well as the individual instructor's home department. Faculty-led study abroad offers an international view of your discipline to your students. These programs generally take place during the summer or spring break and are a popular study abroad program option for EIU students. 

Policies and Procedures

Please review Internal Governing Policies 46.1 Credit Hour Policy and 56 Study Abroad as you plan your course and program.  Faculty-led program proposals are submitted each year during spring semester for the following academic year (i.e. in April 2019 we accept proposals for spring break and summer 2020 programs). This is to provide enough time to thoroughly market, promote, and recruit the required number of students for the program to run.  All programs are budgeted to be 100% self-supporting. 

Program proposals are reviewed and approved by the Study Abroad sub-committee of the International Education Council. Programs are approved on a three-year cycle. After three years, a new proposal must be submitted and re-approved by the OSA & IEC. During the three years, only a Renewal Form must be submitted for re-activation of the faculty-led program. Updated price quotes must be submitted each year the program runs.Faculty are not permitted to advertise their program to students until after their program proposal has been approved by IEC and the Office of Study Abroad has finalized the billable program fee. This generally takes place at the start of the fall semester. 

Programs may include courses taught by the faculty member proposing the program, and/or courses taught by instructors at a partner institution abroad.  Faculty leaders who teach are compensated for their teaching and have their travel expenses covered. Faculty leaders who do not teach are not compensated, but have their travel expenses covered. 

Faculty working with host schools, program providers, or other vendors to run the program must work the Office of Study Abroad to ensure the proper contracts/agreements are signed by EIU & the host. Faculty are NOT authorized to sign any contract or agreement on behalf of the University.

New and returning faculty leaders are encouraged to attend study abroad seminars led by the OSA and to participate in EIU's bi-annual study abroad fairs in the fall and spring. Faculty leaders are ultimately responsible for student recruitment and are expected to actively recruit students for their own program. All faculty-led programs are subject to a minimum student enrollment, which is 8 students per course. Faculty-led programs that do not meet the minimum number of students required will have their programs cancelled.  

Proposals for New Programs

The deadline to propose a new program for 2020 was April 5, 2019.
The deadline to propose a new program for 2021 will be April 3, 2020

Renewals for Existing Programs

The deadline to submit program renewals for 2020 programs is July 1, 2019.
The deadline to submit program renewals for 2021 program will be July 3, 2020.