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Beyond Study Abroad

So you returned home from studying abroad... Now what? There are plenty more opportunities for you to travel abroad. Explore your options below!

Teach Abroad

Teaching abroad is a great way to travel the world while also earning some money. There are many opportunities worldwide to teach English as a foreign language, and you do not even need to have a degree in English or any prior teaching experience. Some programs will even have added benefits in addition to your salary such as covering the costs of your flight, housing, travel insurance, in-country phone, or they may even offer a paid vacation! See some of the program options below for more details.
Volunteer Abroad

Did you love traveling, but want to make more of a difference? Volunteering abroad is perfect for you! There are a wide variety of options for types of volunteer programs. There are teaching, marine conservation, farming, photography, healthcare, and a whole lot more programs that you can choose from. Check out some of the options below to find a program that fits for you.
Work Abroad

If paying for your travels can be a challenge, consider working abroad. You may not strike it rich on a work abroad salary, but you will be able to pay for your travels and enjoy living in another country. Working abroad is a fantastic opportunity for recent graduates or young professionals looking to gain more experience, but there are opportunities for anyone regardless of age or previous experience! The options below can help to get you started on the path toward working abroad.