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Australia                                  Bahamas                                Costa Rica
Australia          bahamas          costa rica
Cyprus                                    Czech Republic                       Ecuador
Cyprus          Czech Republic            Ecuador
England                                  France                                     Germany
England         france           germany
Greece and Turkey                Guatemala                                India                                        
Greece        Guatemala            india            
Ireland                                   Italy                                          Netherlands
Ireland          Italy           netherlands
Scotland                               South Africa                             South Korea
Scotland         South Africa           South Korea
Spain                                    Wales
Spain          Wales


Megan Corder - Independent Internship at an Australian University
Read along as Megan completes a Student Affairs internship! 

Kaitlyn Corzine - Intercultural Communications and Co-Cultural Experiences (faculty-led
Adventure through Australia and New Zealand with Kaitlyn on this faculty-led summer excursion!


Lindsay Anderson - Bahamas Science and Schooling 
Check out Lindsay's thorough documentation of her adventures on the Science and Schooling trip in the Bahamas!  Her blog includes a journal, photos, and a program-specific packing list.

Courtney Huff - Bahamas 
Join Courtney as she explores Andros Island in the Bahamas as she studies abroad on the summer education program!

Costa Rica

Brittany Griffin - COST
Hear about Brittany's experiences as she student teaches in another country while also exploring Costa Rica!


Kenisha Davis - Organic farming independent study 
Get the dirt on a two week organic farming experience in Vilcabamba, Ecuador.

Madison Ley - Overseas Teaching (COST)
Read along as Madison embarks on new experiences inside and outside the classroom in Quito! 


Kaitlin Throgmorton - University of Winchester 
Check out Kaitlin's Facebook page where she documents her time abroad in the U.K.! 

Lindsey Garcia- University of Winchester 
Follow Lindsey Garcia as she travels through Winchester! 

Jordan Nelson - University of Westminster 
Take "leaps through London" with Jordan!

Clara Mattheessen - University of Winchester 
Join Clara as she tells the tales of her travels to Winchester and onward.

Emily Adams - Harlaxton College 
Discover what it's like for a central Illinois farm girl to visit England! 

Danika Dale - Harlaxton College 
Follow along on Danika's fall semester adventure in Grantham, England.

Bailey Doty-Harlaxton College 
Join Bailey as she adventures through England!
McKenzie Dial-Harlaxton College 
Follow McKenzie as she shares her memories and experiences in Grantham England! 

Danielle Rogner - English Literary Landscapes 
A Midsummer Night's Dream come true: books, tea and castles await.

Helen Plevka - English Literary Landscapes 
The title says it best: "Living in a Castle." Follow Helen as she explores Harlaxton College & the UK.


Sarah Wojda - Université d'Avignon 
Join Sarah as her love for dogs and French culture enhance her experiences throughout France.

Jamie Olson - Art in Paris (faculty-led) 
Forget infinity, Jamie is focused on "Paris and Beyond" as she explores the City of Lights.

Garrett Goben - Art in Paris (faculty-led) 
Follow along as Art student Garrett reflects on life as an "American in Paris."

Stacy Black - L'Institute Catholique 
In "Around France in 60 Days," Stacy chronicles her time in the City of Lights: Paris, France.


Kevin Hanrahan - Universität Würzburg 
Journey with Kevin as he explores Germany on an EIU Exchange program!

Greece and Turkey

Elizabeth Burbatt - Odyssey in Athens 
Liz is navigating her way through the capital city of Greece, and enjoying courses in Art & Architecture. As her title proclaims, she is "Living the Dream!"



Daniel Guerrero - Spring Break in Guatemala (faculty-led) 
Daniel shares a day-by-day account of his spring break trip to Guatemala!


Jori Leigh Wilson- Education in India (faculty-led) 
Jori Wilson takes you on an incredible adventure to India! 

Laura Krieg - Education in India (faculty-led) 
Laura studies abroad for her third and final time with EIU in India.


Holly Dust - Irish Heritage Tour Faculty-Led Program 
Read through Holly's electronic journal documenting her experiences on the Communication Disorder Sciences program with Dr. McNamara.

Sarah Barrie - Irish Heritage Tour Faculty-Led Program
Communication Disorder Sciences program with Dr. McNamara.

Ireland and Northern Ireland Co-Cultural Experience faculty-led program
Communications Studies and Business are exploring Ireland and Northern Ireland with Dr. Kight and AJ Walsh.

Sarah Hix - Teaching in the Emerald Isle 
Sarah is on an Irish Adventure student teaching in Co. Kerry, Ireland.

Margaret Langevin - National University of Ireland: Galway 
Slan America, Dia Dhuit Ireland! Join Margaret as she says goodbye to the U.S. and hello to the Emerald Isle.


Psychology Multi-Cultural Human Behavior faculty-led group
Dr. Nardi, professor of Psychology, is leading a group to study human behavior and cultural practices around Italy.  Follow along on their Facebook group!

Justine Ryan - Florence University of the Arts 
From studying in Florence to exploring Amsterdam, Prague, and more, Justine travels her way through Europe.

Emily Manley - Florence University of the Arts 
From Charleston to Florence, Emily is cooking, traveling and eating her way through Italy.

Erica Young - Florence University of the Arts 
With a title like Eat, Paint, Louvre .. you have a good idea of what Erica is up to this summer in Europe!

Erika Butler - Lorenzo de Medici, Florence 
Follow Erika on her Italian adventures!

Jason Tabit - Faculty-led program to Florence, Italy
Check out Jason's photos and daily journal from his adventure abroad!


Helen Plevka - COST Program 
Read about Helen's student teaching adventure in the Netherlands!

Charity Huwe - COST Program 
Charity student taught in the Netherlands to complete her degree in Elementary Education.


Darius Francis - Panrimo Internship 
Join Darius while he journeys through Scotland while interning and studying. 

South Africa

Anna Tower - Family & Consumer Sciences Semester 
With a copy of Nelson Mandela's "Long Walk to Freedom" in her bag, Anna is ready to take on South Africa.

Amber Rigsby - Family & Consumer Sciences Semester 
Now preparing for her third time abroad, Amber is ready for a semester in South Africa.

Demetris Lawrence - Family & Consumer Sciences Semester 
Follow Demetris and her FCS classmates as they observe human services first hand in and around Cape Town.

Ryan Freer - Nation Building in the New South Africa (faculty-led)
Join a fellow Panther as he explores the "Orange Free State" led by Prof. Michael Loudon.

Anna Stipe - COST Program 
Follow Anna as she student teaches in Cape Town South Africa!

South Korea

Valerie Rosen - Sogang University, Seoul, South Korea
Read all about Valerie's academic year at Sogang University in South Korea.

Rachel Ratajski - Seoul, South Korea 
Live vicariously though Rachel's VLOG that documented her day-to-day life as a student at Sogang University in South Korea!

Lizzie Bridges - Seoul, South Korea 
Stay up-to-date with Lizzie's experience at Sogang University in South Korea!

Jennifer Kim - South Korea 
Join Jennifer as she explores South Korea and gets to see some of her family along her journey!

Nakita Lee - Ajou University
Nakita takes you through an American girl's adventures in South Korea, from cherry blossoms to kimchi.


Jocelyn Swanson - Malaca Instituto 
Follow along on Jocelyn's experiencia in sunny Spain, as she navigates a second language.

John (Cameron) Murray - Universidad de Salamanca
The search for castellano puro begins, in the historical city of Salamanca. 


Samantha DeYoung-  University of South Wales
Join Samantha and her classmates as they travel throughout South Wales.

Sydney Jarrard - University of South Wales 
Read about Sydney's time spent at and around the University of South Wales in Treforest, Wales.

Caitie Danforth - University of South Wales 
"If not now, when?" Caitie offers her insight and experiences all the way from Wales!
Haley Titsworth - University of South Wales 
Follow Haley as she adventures throughout South w