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Financial Aid

Financial Aid for Students

How it works:
At EIU, 12 hours is considered full-time for the fall, spring, or summer terms and financial aid is available in the following manner:

Stafford and PLUS Loans—Must be enrolled at least half-time (6 cr) to receive assistance.
Federal Pell Grants—Award based on number of credit hours enrolled. Subject to lifetime eligibility limits.
MAP—There is no MAP award in the summer due to funding; however, you can use MAP during the academic year for study abroad (fall or spring semester) to pay for tuition and fees for most approved study abroad programs.
EIU and Private Scholarships—Depends on each and every scholarship and the adjoining stipulations.

Who Can I Talk To?
The Office of Financial Aid meets with study abroad students to review their financial aid package and determine the availability of existing aid for a study abroad program. As a requirement for program application, any student that has a FAFSA on file and receives financial aid is required to speak to a representative from the Financial Aid Office. They can be reached at or (217) 581-6405