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Announcements : & Billing Information

Announcement: 2019-20 AY Deadlines, Deposit, & Billing Information

Keep track of these important deadlines that apply to your program and term.
Late applications for programs and scholarships are not accepted.

Office of Study Abroad (OSA) Deadlines & Deposits AY2019-2020

Search available study abroad programs and apply to one at
Search and apply for EIU study abroad scholarships at
Online applications for programs and scholarships must be submitted by 11:59 PM CST on the day of the posted deadlines below.

Spring Semester & Spring Break 2020 Programs
      October 25, 2019:
program & OSA scholarship deadline
      November 8, 2019: scholarship award notifications sent out
      November 15, 2019: commitment deposit deadline
Summer 2020 Programs
      February 7, 2020:
program & OSA scholarship deadline
      February 21, 2020: scholarship award notifications sent out
      February 28, 2020: commitment deposit deadline - faculty-led programs
      March 27, 2020:
commitment deposit deadline - all other summer programs
Fall Semester & Academic Year 2020 Programs
      March 6, 2020:
program & OSA scholarship deadline
      March 20, 2020: scholarship award notifications
      March 27, 2020: commitment deposit deadline

Commitment deposit amounts by program type:

      Summer faculty-led programs = 50% of program fee
      Spring break faculty-led programs = $300
      Exchange, direct enroll, third party provider programs = $300/term
      Overseas Student Teaching (COST) = $150
      Independent internships = $65/term
      Program extension = $50

Refer to the refund policy in the online application. Unless a student is denied participation, or the intended program of study is cancelled, commitment deposits are non-refundable. Faculty-led programs are subject to EIU minimum student enrollment guidelines (8 students per course). Participation in exchange programs is subject to institutional exchange ratio guidelines. Students applying for direct enroll, exchange, and provider programs are subject to the host institution's application process and payment schedule, as well as EIU's. Students are advised to retain all receipts and documentation pertaining to their study abroad program. Commitment deposits may be paid online with a debit/credit card at or in person with cash, check, or money order at Student Accounts in Old Main. Study Abroad scholarships cannot be used to pay for commitment deposits. Contact the Office of Study Abroad at or (217) 581- 7355 for more information.