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Staff : Eleni Tzounakos

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Eleni Tzounakos


M, W, Th, F- 8am- 12pm
T- 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Graduate Assistant

As a graduate assistant, I started attending EIU and working for the Study Abroad Program in August, 2018.  Coming from Athens, Greece, my previous job experiences was mainly based around person-entered work settings. I was hired as a translator for a Russian Company based in Greece and then was promoted to person assistant of the European Contacts manager. This was a high-paced job, where I actively contributed to the organization of various company events, assisting guests and resolving issues in a short period of time. Prior to that, I had an internship at a shipping firm, working with the law department, acting as an assistant paralegal. For the time I spent at that company, I maintained formal communication with shareholders as well as clients in distress and learnt how to be resilient under stressful situations. 

I also started volunteering with at the age of 16, spending two summers in Rambouillet and Montpellier, France, where a team of 25 international individuals worked together for agricultural and restoration services. I developed and managed communication strategies, plans, budgets and coached communication tactics with staff regarding organizational settings. I have also volunteered with TESOL, an association for teaching English as a foreign language, helping run their fairs where students from all over the globe attended. 

Academically, I got my high school diploma doing the International Baccalaureate program instead of the greek diploma as I wanted to work with people from various backgrounds and enrich my cultural sensitivity skills. I got my B.Sc in Applied Psychology from University of Derby, UK, where I was introduced to the complexity of human behaviour. I am currently doing my master’s degree in clinical mental health counselling and hope to work with diverse populations and minorities within healthcare settings.